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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Is London Brokers Trying to Go Legit?

Well, I'm back on the scene and it appears London Brokers (LB) took a vacay as well.  Years of editors
If you stick with London Brokers, the above is NOT in your immediate future.
taking time to proof articles that may or may not make sense because the keywords given don't sound right.  Then the poor writers, not only do they have to write (not by physical force, anyway) an article that pays little BUT rewrites based on the same concept.  Some even do this for years as a way to get spare change.

I guess worse can be doing rideshare or making food deliveries in the 'hood (waiting for a decent tip is like waiting for a unicorn).  But if I sound a little familiar it's because I've lived it...and I'm not proud.  I've known the wide LB profit margin for years and hated when there were no articles BUT with this re-vamp, I bid adieu.

Now before you bash me, these people weren't always on my radar.  Before I got sick, I made a decent living writing for private clients, earning blog residuals, and being what's now called an influencer for a number of brands.  This site was quick fill-in work when late-paying clients affected my weekly minimum.  Anyone who's undergone chemo will always choose the path of least resistance for the first couple of years as far as work goes - that is, if they don't want to risk falling on their face.

So the articles were easy af and a few assignments were actually fun.  Even better, no one was bugging me with a tight deadline or ever-changing style guide.  Revision requests were minimal once I got the hang of the fact that this company does not want writers to use contractions.

However, the things that made them exceptional were becoming a thing of the past.  Although a sane writer couldn't make much, you knew you were covered when it came to the listed (and it's changed several times) days of payment once you reached the payout minimum.  More than once I went more than a week without getting paid, even though I'd made a nice amount of money for them.

It's like dating someone who was okay at first but then they gained weight or began to have an attitude...just because.  You don't want to break up because it's kinda safe territory but know that you're falling into a trap.  See, LB accepted my somewhat uninteresting articles with no contractions for years but my hands forgot this wasn't how the public reads.

So in retraining myself how to be interesting yet informative - contractions and all - I knew it was time to get out.  Then it seemed as if they beat me to the punch...sort of.  One day I saw a notification saying they were cleaning house and if you hadn't received an email, you weren't part of the revamp.  It was then followed by a note saying that the Unique Articles Wizard (UAW) was now a thing of the past.

Cool but you've got my money from a job you begged me to take on (they became notorious for this before temporarily shutting down).  Once there were no jobs in the queue, I shot them a note about final payment.  Ever since I got burned by iWriter years ago, I told myself I'd never get too comfortable with these mills.  When I got no response or PP release, I knew it was about to hit the fan.

So, no response and no jobs mean I can take them off my list.  But not so fast.  By my calculations, it took them exactly one month after the end of the fiscal year to get it together.  However, I had no idea what I was in for when I accepted four jobs over a 2-day period.

While I was happy to no longer be making a little more than $2/rush article, the new pay structure was still less than $0.01/word.  And the submission instructions...they still used weird keywords phrases that can't be broken up (ex: hair extensions Anchorage, instead of hair extension in Anchorage).  While I used to avoid articles like this, they claim that adjustments can be made to make it sound better.  Lies because the system still kicks them back to the writer.

Speaking of sounding better, they still don't like those contractions but now their style guide is similar to that of Copypress (another 'lovely' company).  Yep, no spaces after each period but here's the kicker, "filler" preps can no longer be used.  Now, this is cool but it seems when a person doesn't use contractions, an extra preposition or phrase shouldn't be a crime.  How severe it really is...I don't know but I told them to do whatever since I'd been paid for my other work.

Just like when a person sees things going wrong with their mate, they know it's time to go.  Don't stick around to ask questions.  Unnecessary loyalty can get anyone in trouble, especially if there are greater pastures elsewhere.

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